The ties that bind us

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  • I'm obsessed with networks, links and relationships. Links across time and space but specially the ones we create as social beings: Parenthood, love, friendship.
    How can I reflect in a visual piece the deep relationship with my family? my answer is to transform photographs in networks of lines and points, employing Processing to build Voronoi graphs based in the difference in brightness intrinsical to each image.
    Then I create "maps" juxtaposing side by side the voronoi graphs and build a network, a set of pathways that relate one with each other in an "organic" way.
    I'm not a programmer, I'm sure a person with the patience and the knowledge will create something more spectacular or complex. But for me, at this moment, this simple network is an interesting way of show what lies below most of my photographic work.
    Thanks for your time. I you can plese visit my Portfolio of photography  or my Facebook page.