• St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Project: The spirit of Venice
    Location: Dobrolyubova av., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    Realization: 2012
  • This corner of the world has everything: finesse, romance, rich history and that particular aura that has attracted millions for centuries. One disadvantage is that Venice is a bit remote. But for one of our customers we brought a piece of the old town directly into his apartment especially for him. Now he has no need for visas and international airlines to visit his favourite place.We will mention straight at the beginning that our customer is a businessman spending most of his time on business trips; he does not live in St. Petersburg that is why we had to work on the project from afar. This fact, though, did not complicate the process. On the contrary, it made it more captivating – our client often brought interesting ideas back from his trips and it was our professional duty to implement them.

    The spirit of Italy is felt immediately one crosses the threshold and enters the hall. The decorative details of the interior add refinement and invite one to continue traveling into the apartment designed in the best traditions of eclecticism.
    The classical style is presented here by the strictness of geometric shapes, reserve of the decor and, of course, architectural elements characteristic of the classics. Shelf brackets in the hall and the living room are designed in the form of ionic baluster; and the drapery fabrics here saturate the space with texture and colour. We gave a special consideration to the furniture of the living room: an elegant armchair and a pouf in a shade of sienna create resonance with the simple comfortable sofa and the original magazine table. One of the most appropriate of our solutions became an inset fireplace of high-tech style. It makes the apartment cozy adding at the same time a hint of the ‘avant-garde.’ The final touches in the living room are decorative cushions and posters displaying views of Venice.
    We invested our best efforts not only into the decoration of the flat, but we also did our utmost to create a functional environment, which is the most important aim of the interior design. The partition wall assembly not only divided the space into a kitchen and recreation areas, but additionally allowed us to decorate every part in a different way preserving the unity of the premises. The kitchen we designed in minimalistic style imparting some individuality with the help of the warm hue of the wooden table and the stained-glass windows inspired by Gothic cathedrals.
    The pride of the apartment is the illumination. The modern chandeliers add a special appeal standing out against the general background.

    The bedroom constitutes a logical continuation of the main space of the apartment. We used less contrasting hues than in the living room thus creating a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and rest. The storage area is mounted in such a way that it creates a small niche where a soft sofa is placed visually adding a free space to the room.
    The bathroom is distinguished by a laconic design, but also here we imparted special details: the wooden shelves create a contrast with the mirror in a massive frame underlining this way the merits of each other. The modern sanitary ware harmoniously fits the tiles thus making the bathroom look original and graphic.
    Even though each corner has its own originality, the apartment displays a single style. Mirror and chrome surfaces reflect the interior and visually broaden the space, as in the bedroom, so in the living room. Apart from this, the design of each room is based on contrast preserving the harmony of styles.