• Last week in Moscow, the furniture exhibition iSaloni WorldWide Moscow, in which 32 objects were put young designers from Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS.
  • project Postcard:
    Successfully acted at an annyal SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow 2012 exhibition.
    It was well accepted and noted by judges the 4th place.
  • Four feet of metal, as if made ​​of paper and awooden shield, together form a very spacious and beautiful in form workplace.
  • This facility will be a godsend for interiordesigners, especially when a certain size of the object. When creating PostcardI repelled by the paper models. It should be noted that the table looks withone hand - a very graceful and elegant, and the other - a monumental andthoroughly.

  • Material: naturalwood species,sheet metal, paint powder.
  • Legs were presented in two versions. Standard and more lightweight design (look very elegant)
  • SaloneSatellite World Wide Москвы 2012
  • rewarding of winners
  • http://atcasa.corriere.it/Tendenze/Se-ne-parla/2012/10/17/designer-emergenti-mosca.shtml