• The original bearycalm
    Our first Kickstarter project
  • Hello Friends!

    We would like to introduce Bearycalm!

    Bearycalm is a limited-edition hand-made vinyl toy that has special powers. Unlike other toys, Bearycalm has the power to bring harmony and balance to your life and home. No matter if you’re sad or angry Bearycalm is there for you.

  • We rendered the 3D images for bearycalm figures (bearycalm in white color, bearycalm in mint color and bearycalm in black color)
  • This asymmetrical work of art was born from the friction of lead, paper, and two creative minds that live 8,917 miles away from each other.

    But beware, Bearycalm has some side effects which may include trouble getting angry or sad, lowering stress, and reducing the amount of white hairs.Please consult your doctor before pledging for Bearycalm.
  • Bearycalm Clay Prototype (The final color will be in white, mint and black and material in vinyl)
  • The Team

    Bearycalm is the first creation by the artist duo composed by award-winning designer and illustrator Bubi Au Yeung bubiauyeung.com and award-winning designer and illustrator Camilo Bejarano ph7labs.com.
    Bubi is based out of Hong Kong where she lives and works as a multimedia designer and freelance illustrator.
    Camilo is based out of West Palm Beach, Fl where he lives and works as senior ui designer and freelance illustrator.

    These 2 hard-working mostly self-taught artists, began their careers very young using crayons.

    How the idea started

    The internet is amazing. Thanks to 0s and 1s we are all connected! And Camilo and Bubi are no different, because of this technology they were able to team up to create Black Format. An artist collective magazine.

    After this collaborative start, Bubi and Camilo were talking and brainstorming ideas. Somehow they ended up playing with words and the keyword "Calm" kept coming up, mainly because both creators have this trait in their personality... then they started to elaborate...
    The world needs to be in peace, we need to help the world stop being in pain. For that, people need to learn how to be calm.

    So we asked ourselves, how can we help?
    calm > very calm > berry calm > beary calm! lets create a limited edition vinyl toy that will be a symbol for peace and calmness.
    and so BearyCalm was born!
    With your pledge not only will you be adding an amazing piece of modern art to your home, you will also help to change the world and make it a better place!
  • How will it happen?

    We have began the development of the vinyl toy with the popular toy makers Crazy Label, who along with Bubi have already created and sold thousands of characters like treeson, ren, seymour ...
    We have created all the plans, style guide and have began the process. We are now at the clay stage and moving into wax! Please check out Kickstarter or bearycalm.com to stay on top of BearyCalm.

    The Money

    The funds will be used to continue the production of the world changing bear and to spread the love around the world by fueling our passion with creativity. The production of this toy including shipping and deliverables is 11,550, we rounded the 200 for website hosting, 3d Renderings and other bills. We will store all products in our homes and look for ways to save money by dividing shipment strategically between the US and Hong Kong to reduce shipping charges. Our idea is to make beary the first out a whole line of positive toys and stories.

    The Prototype
  • Thanks a lot to all of you!!!
    May the calm be with you.