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'The lost Kyiv' is my self-initiated project about the history of my native city.
The Lost Kyiv was created during my studies in National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture. This is my self-initiated project about the history of my native city.
The first stage of the project was research. I focused on the tragic years of Kyiv history, 1931-33, when the Soviet government destroyed most of the city architecture. I’ve chosen 6 buildings that were most important for Kyivians out of the 140 lost ones. Then I reasearched the history of that 6 buildings and summed the information up in 6 short descriptions.
The next step of my work was creating dummy of the calendar. My concept was based on using papercut illutrations that show through one another, creating the image of a ghost town that flickered out. The look of the 6 buildings (as they appeared on old photos and litographs) was recreated in 6 papercut works.
The A2-format calendar is made of paper and membrane.
I also used calligraphy in the calendar. As all the buildings were erected in the times of Kyiv Rus,  I decided upon the medieval Slavic calligraphy style.

Believing that this project could make a good gift book, I am genuinely interested in publishing it. If you are looking for the illustrations of the same style, please also let me know. Please do not hesitate to write me at or call +38 093 518 84 91.
Thank you for watching!