• The fight
    Sweat and labour in intense daily training to get ready for what may be the last chance of a professional career.
    Leonard Bundu, Italian boxer born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 1974, started practice boxing when he was sixteen, after he reached his mother in Florence to flee from civil war. After a brilliant amateur boxing career, ended with the defeat at the second round of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games tournament, he stopped fighting to have a period of reflection, after which, in 2005, he started to fight as a pro.
    Undefeated, he challenges Daniele Petrucci to get the EBU (European Boxing Union) welterweight crown, after a match suspended for the consequences of an accidental head butt. The victory, attributed to Bundu by unanimous decision of the judges, opens to him a number of interesting prospects to continue to fight.