The end is where we begin

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  • The end is where we begin
  • My contribution to the 'The end is where we begin' Poster Project by Inês Nepomuceno
    It's about designers' visions about the world economic crises that we are facing.
  • Poster explanation:
    The sentence 'The End is where we begin' immediately grabbed my attention. This title has a very visual tone which really got me started. Quickly I began to visualize it as a motion, especially as motion in relation to gravity (what goes up must come down). To me that is what lies at the core of crisis: growing and building up until we can't go further, that creates an untenable situation, we fall down and then we start all over again. Funny enough you'll find all the same elements in a simple game as pinball, so that became the perfect metaphor for me. I found it very important to stay as close as possible to the motion and the game, instead of being moral and giving my opinion. I just wanted to show the game in which we all take part. How we should play it? I'm not sure.