The concept of puriness (BcA. project)

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  • Main point of my project was to design a future concept of a sanitary set which is user friendly and where people don’t have to make unnecessary movements. I have designed a sanitary set which is composed from moduls, which customers are enabled to combine and create a sanitary equipment which fits their needs. In my concept I use materials, which are environment friendly. The material which is mainly used in my concept is filled polylactic composite, which is biologically degradable. Design follows function - every angle and every shape has got a functional purpose ( for example angled mirror part create view from below, which helps for shaving etc.) Minimalistic design related to the pure culture of hygiene. This minimalistic approach is accented by cyan parts (symbolizing water), which begin to reveal to you when you start your interaction with the sanitary set. These perforated parts are in relation to wet environment of bathroom, decrease weight of removable parts and also emotionally divide the compactness of the product.
  • General Director’s Prize of the National Technical Museum in Prague
  • Director’s prize of the Institute of Art and Design at the West Bohemia University in Pilsen