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a small homage to some of our favorite authors and their work. by ©Lama 2013

Hand Painted T-shirt Series | The Young Ones
Inspired by some of our favorite classic writers.
These series are limited and exclusive. Each design is unique and won't be reproduced.

Young Bram Stoker | "Dracula"
© Lama 2013
Young Bram Stoker | detail
Young Mary Shelly | "Frankenstein"
© Lama 2013
Young Mary Shelly | detail
Young Robert Louis Stevenson | "Strange Case of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde"
© Lama 2013
Young Robert Louis Stevenson | detail
Young H. G. Wells | "The Invisible Man"
© Lama 2013
Young H. G. Wells | detail
Young Herman Melville | "Moby-Dick"
© Lama 2013
Young Herman Melville | detail
Young H. P. Lovecraft | " The Call of Cthulhu"
© Lama 2013
Young H. P. Lovecraft | detail
Young Edgar Allan Poe | "The Tell-Tale Heart"
© Lama 2013
Young Edgar Allan Poe | detail
Young Aleister Crowley | " The Book of the Law"
© Lama 2013
Young Aleister Crowley | detail
Young Jules Verne | "From the Earth to the Moon"
© Lama 2013
Young Jules Verne | detail