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Posters to advertise digital Campaign for the Johannesburg Zoo – The World's First LIVE Tweeting Badger.
Johannesburg Zoo’s Tweeting Honey Badger A World First
Looking for an ingenious way to build their online presence, the Johannesburg Zoo has decided to hand over all their Social Media management to ‘someone’ who knows the zoo inside out. BG the Badger! The Johannesburg Zoo’s much-loved resident honey badger and the official JHB Zoo mascot.
How is this even possible?
Well, it’s largely due to BG’s new high-tech animal enclosure, cleverly devised by award-winning digital agency Hellocomputer, of the Draftfcb group.
BG’s high-tech badger enclosure is rigged with wireless infrared motion sensors, which are divided into six zones. The animal-friendly sensors talk to a server that holds a database of hundreds of pre-written BG tweets. As BG moves from zone to zone, the motion sensors pick up on his location and automatically trigger tweets from his Twitter account, in real-time. The built-from-scratch coding ensures that all the tweets are relevant to what BG is doing at that moment e.g. if BG is at the front section of his enclosure he will trigger people-related tweets, when he is near the sides he will trigger neighbour-related tweets and so on. 
Selected because of his cheeky-yet-lovable personality, love of people and his very active nature, BG began tweeting on June 14 this year. You can follow him at @zootweetslive and view the video online at link or search the World’s First LIVE Tweeting Badger on YouTube. 
Art Directors: Eras Gous, Moira-Gene Sephton Gous
Illustrator: Eras Gous
Copywriters: Candice Hellens, Rory MacRobert
Executive Creative Director: Kerry Friend
Chief Creative Officer: Brett Morris
Agency: Hellocomputer & Draftfcb Johannesburg