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A series of book cover designs along with adapted versions for promotional t-shirts available on Zazzle.
The Windsmith Elegy
A series of four book covers along with promotional t-shirt images
The Windsmith Elegy is a series of four novels (with five planned) by author Kevan Manwaring. It's set in a Celtic afterlife, charting one man's goal to master the elemental powers (as a Windsmith) and return home to England during the time of World War 1. He encounters a potent mix of characters from history and mythology along the way. Available on Amazon.

Providing both design and illustration I began with the book titles, the 'Elegy' suggesting the carved stone typeface from gravestones, the rest is all photoshop wizardry.
After completing the covers I adapted the images into promotional t-shirts, replacing the crisp title fonts with distorted and defaced photoshop type. Available on Zazzle/Windsmith.
Volume I of The Windsmith Elegy (available in paperback): The Long Woman
Volume II of The Windsmith Elegy (available in paperback): Windsmith
Volume III of The Windsmith Elegy (available in paperback): The Well Under the Sea
Volume IV of The Windsmith Elegy (available in paperback): The Burning Path
The first three covers adapted for promotional t-shirts.
See the final fifth cover here.