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  • This product is designed in addition to The Wind in the Willows book. It is aimed for a use in parallel to reading as it refers to certain chapters.

    All pages are used as colouring sheets including the cover. The use of the activity book becomes especially engaging, enforced by a special binding that allows children to rotate sheets in any direction giving an opportunity to leave the rest of the pages in front of their eyes for reference. Perforation makes it easy to tear out all pictures that could be used for wall decoration. Paper dolls, maze and many other fun activities will ensure to get child involved in the adventure of the famous characters.
  • All pages are single sided with insect patterns on reverse sides:
  • The colouring-in pictures are modified copies of the corresponding The Wind in the Willows Book Illustrations:
  • The colouring book includes games that are testing the knowledge of the text book:
  • There are also fun games like spot the difference (first below), find two ducks that are the same (second below), the counting game (third below), and the maze (fourth below):
  • Several pages have extra activities like four jointed paper dolls (first below) or a dressing up doll with provided sticker costume (second below):