The War of The Worlds

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  • The War of the Worlds
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  • Inspired by the illustrations of the canals on Mars by Giovanni Schiaparelli, we set about thinking about the possibility of intelligent life forms on Mars and researching the studies published during H.G.Wells' period.

    We wanted to use distance and the vast disparity in size to illustrate the imbalance and shine light on the smallest of details that also proved to be the saving grace of the end of the invasion on Earth. From the measurement of light years, down to the cellular level, the cover is also inspired on the methodological process used by the author to describe the invasion in the novel. We hope to set the readers up and create an inception to question themselves about the possibilities of intelligent lifeforms on Mars.

    Stylistically cynical, it creates a vastly different preamble to the narrative that awaits them in the novel.
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