• The Waitress
     Tales To Change The Word
  • To target ‘the new reader’ the design is aimed for the iPad, designed for screen, featured as an iBook. The aspect of the page design is reflected as a ‘menu’ style design to tie in with ‘The Waitress’ theme. This theme has been transferred to print media also. The design is represented as a list, a set of items, activities of which to choose, playing with typographical hierarchy where the story is layed out sequentially, but can be interpreted and read in any order due to the navigation of interactive elements.

    Personalised interpretation is used to engage the audience, as the design is aimed at the user experience. The themes of the text in The Waitress are explored with quotes and key themes being highlighted and linking to poetry from the Poetry Foundation.

    The iBook app will become part of a series, one of many, with newstories and interpretive novels, available as new separate downloads. There is also an exclusive print version, a collectable issue available in addition to the app accompanied by branded collateral including a bookmark.