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A short piece of motion graphics showing some examples of what the volume effector can do.
The Volume Effector
tips and tricks
Recently I created a short tips and tricks guide to using one of the more over looked effectors in CINEMA 4D - the volume effector. Like all the effectors in the CINEMA 4D arsenal the volume effector is really easy to learn and super useful! Think of it as extending the falloff tab!
In CINEMA 4D you have a nice collection of falloffs to choose from...they include infinite, box, cone, linear etc but what if you wanted to create a more unusual shaped falloff? What if you wanted a star shaped falloff? Where any clones within a star would scale down to zero thus disappearing? Well then all you need is the volume effector and an extruded star! Any clones within the volume (inside the star) of the extruded star will disappear. Its that simple. Here are some renders and a short piece of motion graphics to give you and idea of what the volume effector can do.
Interested in learning more?
If you like the sound of the volume effector and would like to learn more I have uploaded a short tips and tricks guide to using the volume effector along with a hardware render and a scene file, created in CINEMA 4D R13 please note. Any questions? Fire them my way. 
Media fire link for download...
Also, if you would like other tips on rendering, modelling or motion graphics for CINEMA 4D or to keep up to date with any work in progress images I post you can follow me on Tumblr