The Villains Project_part1 [the Batman Villains 01~10]

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  • The Villains Project_part1
    the Batman Villains
  • March 2013. 
    I have plan, exhibit together with other Artist at same place.
    Theme is "Villains". 
    I Draw the big illustration.
    i choice the batman VS Villains. 
    I want to create a big picture, So, I'll draw many villains.
    I Draw a villain of each, and last collect.

    * This work is just a personal work.
  • Objectivelimit date, 2013.02
  • Sketchcolored pencils
  • Title Graphic DesignTypo Design illustratorEffect photoshop
  • Process and Illustration
  • V_01 the Joker
  • V_02 Riddler
  • V_03 the Penguin
  • V_04 Harley Quinn
  • V_05 CatWoman
  • V_06 Mr.Freeze
  • V_07 ClayFace
  • V_08 KillerCroc
  • V_09 Bane
  • V_10 AntMan
  • background image.
    Batman logo is split in half. 
    because villains become more powerful.
    The presence of a powerful villain Batman.
    Presence of each other, because there is.
  • Thanks for watching my work.
    Have a nice day~! :-)