• Client: VOX Cinemas 
    Studio: Metaphrenie 
    My Role: Ground break simulation, Cloth tearing simulation, Enviroments, Lighting, Rendering. 
    Creative Director: Andrea Dionisio 
    3D Modeling/ Asset Development: Nico Bolacha, Amr Abdelhamed, Hassam Tariq, Junaid Ur Rehman 
    3D Animation: Nico Bolacha, Junaid Ur Rehman 
    Car Dynamics: Amr Abdelhamed 
    Composite: Andrea Dionisio, Mila Hyman, Christina Agapitou 
    Sound Design: Reiner Erlings 

    I worked on VOX Max section which starts from 00:24 to 00:44, car dynamics was done in Maya by Amr then exported for c4d rest is done in Cinema 4d.
  • Early look explorations and Styleframes
  • Cloth Tearing Tests