• The Urban Code of China
    Dieter Hassenpflug
    Published by Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel
  • When reading the Chinese city, which this book sets out to do, it is not the well-known cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi an that are in the focus of attention, but rather the essentially Chinese of the Chinese city, those characteristics or attributes that are more or less shared by all Chinese cities. The spotlight is on their spatial grammar, their syntax, in short: their code. Only by deciphering their common traits a view to the underlying structure of Chinese cities is opened, and we can begin to reasonably evaluate and classify the diversity of impressions. Deciphering the code of the Chinese city also enables the author to read new Chinese towns designed by Western architects. Thus, readers are provided with valuable insight on China s booming urbanization and urban development.

    Dieter Hassenpflug
    1. Edition 2010, 176 Pages
    101 color, 1 b/w Illustrations, Soft cover
    ISBN: 978-3-0346-0572-4

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  • Cover in Chromolux Gold Plated Paper, Offset Print in White (2 times) and Pantone Red
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