The Urban Being

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    The Urban Being / O Ser Urbano
    “The Urban Being: on the trails of Nuno Portas” it's a
    traveling exhibition commissioned for Guimarães 2012 -
    - European Capital of Culture, about the work of one of
    the most important portuguese architects: Nuno Portas.
    At Studio Andrew Howard I had the chance to work
    mostly on the design of the light tables, where through a
    system of three glass layers, we displayed pitcures of the
    projects, technical drawings, and also covers and inside
    pages of various books where, essays writen by Nuno
    Portas, had been published.
    Client: Guimarães 2012; Curator: Nuno Grande; Art Director:
    Andrew Howard; Photography: Rui Gaudêncio, Carlos Lobo,
    Sérgio Rolando, Andrew Howard.