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app for iPad
The Ugly Duckling
app for iPad
Based on the fairy tale by Andersen, our Ugly Duckling app tells a beautiful interactive story full of cute whimsical characters, funny games and tasks for your kid’s early learning.
• All the characters respond to your taps with funny cues and moves. Tap them in any order, as many times as you want, and they will come to life, speak and act.
• Tap everything you see on the screen. Interactive surprises and challenges are awaiting you on every page.
• Help the ducklings to hatch out of the eggs. The mom-duck is beginning to get fed up with sitting on them.
• Don’t forget to discover all the insects and tap them. Even beetles have something to say in this fairy tale.
• The frog chorus on one of the pages will perform its froggy aria under your direction.
• Feed the cat with fish and find the key to open the door and let the duckling out of the hut.
• Let the story happen again and again. You will find something new every time you use this app – it has no fixed order of characters cues. Everything depends only on your tapping.