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The Time Wasters- A fictional society that encourages you to waste time!
Concept and Identity for a fictional society— 
The Time Wasters.
This society is for all people who are constantly urged to slack, laze around and do absolutely nothing productive with their time. Upon initiation into this society, members recieve a very serious looking book containing a guide and ideas on how to waste time, as well as their membership card and a logsheet for keeping track of how much time they waste.

However, this very serious identity, which emphasises on how wasting time is a serious thing, masks the true quirky nature of this outwardly strict association of people. The 96 page book is hand-bound and made with thought, care, and a whole lot of wasted time.
The logo is a stylisation of the initials TTW so that it forms some kind of Roman numeral at first glance.

+ Project Conceptualisation and Execution time: 1 Week
+ Project done for: Bookbinding Assignment for the module Prepress
Just a taste of a few of the whole lot of activities found in the book.
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