The Thermal Club

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  • Initially, the Ford GT40 was considered with the Thermal Club logo on the side.
  • Switched to the Ferrari, with a nondescript treatment.  Many details, including windshield wipers, side mirrors and cowl vents were removed. I didn't want this to look overworked. This simple, graphic approach was challenged by the tower building, which in reality has much more detail. Even then, it has a lot going on that could potentially compete with our hero, the 250 GT-O.
    Perspective was exaggerated to create drama and add to the sense of movement.
  • The palms were simplified, bougainvillea was added to the wall, and Private Pavement was centered.
    A number of color options were explored for the border, copy and sky.
  • Here it is in all it's scratched up rusty glory. You can zoom in to get a better look.