The Terrifying Building in Eyeville

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  • “The Terrifying Building in Eyeville”
    is a digital children’s book written by Joel Grøndrup and illustrated by Dawid Woldu and Tomek Ruducha.
  • The Characters
  • Illustrations
    Our job was to create 20 colorful illustrations for the book.
    After reading the story we came up with the idea for each page.
    Tomek Ruducha created beautiful detailed pencil sketches:
  • job was to convert them into colorful digital paintings.
    Sneak peek of the finished illustrations below:
  • The Author
    Story was writen by Joel Grøndrup
  • The app will be released in the spring of 2013 for the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Android devices in two language versions.
  • About the story
    The story is about a peaceful little town named Eyeville. One dark and storm night, a truck drives through the city, and, by accident, “something” falls out of the cargo hold and lands right in front of Mr. Nice’s front door. It turns out to be a strange person named Kanser, who loves to build. He quickly gets to work building in Mr. Nice’s house and is basically impossible to stop. Kanser builds and builds, and after a short time, his dreadful building has spread to every corner of the town...
  • Background
    The purpose of this story is to give parents and grandparents the opportunity to explain to children what cancer is – through colorful storytelling. This isn’t a perfect allegory for the nature of cancer, and the goal is that the child won’t even realize that the story is about the illness. In this way, it’s up to parents to explain what the story can represent. Thus, the story also works as a good children’s story.
  • Check the app on iTunes:

    English version

    Danish version