The Tale of Erik The Crabfish Illustrations

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  • "The Tale of Erik The Crabfish"

    Illustrations for The Childrens book "The Tale of Erik The Crabfish". The book is a pre-launch project.

  • Aquatint/softground etching/drypoint        "Erik"
  • Aquatint/softground etching/drypoint     "Cat in Castle"
  • Hardground etching/drypoint            "The Northpole"
  • Softground etching/stopout                         "Dinosaurus Rex"
  • Softground etching/stencil                        "Prisoner"
  • Drypoint/aquatint                                           "The Gap of Death"
  • Drypoint/aquatint                                                    "Tree"
  • Drypoint on plexi                                              "Prince Leon Latex"