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The Tale of Balaclava Bear tells a dark story of death, theft and chaos in the woods.
The Tale of Balaclava Bear is a project I've been working on with ceramic legend, Sootcookie.
What started out as an illustration, soon became a range of unique, hand-painted characters that told a dark story of death, robbery and chaos in the woods.
I wrote this poem and Gareth Cohen put this awesome poster together.
I wanted to add another dimension to the range, so I sought help from animator and local woodsman, Arri Reschke. He helped create a range of angry wooden bees which became part of our first window display at The Fringe Arts on Kloof Street.
A collaboration come to life.
The original illustration and first model.
The mould (body, arms and honey pot) and first unveiling.
A bear ass.
Tools of the trade.
A big thanks to all those who have supported this project. Without you this would have remained a lonely scamp on a cluttered desk.
Designer/Writer/Photographer: Alex Goldberg
Ceramic Artist: Sootcookie (Tanya Laing)
Woodsman: Arri Reschke
Poster Designer: Gareth Cohen
They are for sale. If you want to give a bear a hiding place then beg, borrow, steal and email me.
Or you can track down the gang at The Fringe Arts on Kloof, The Haas Collective in Bo Kaap, and The Kalk Bay Co-Op.