The Standard Supper Club Brand Extension

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  • The Standard Supper Club

    In my mind, I wanted to create an identity that reflected the kind of restaurant and bar I envisioned. Secrecy, indulgence and things that are forbidden or taboo is what I had in mind.
  • 3D sculpture using the "SSC" from the "Standard Supper Club"
  • Logo taken from 3D sculpture
  • Promo items: Masks with hang tags
  • Promo items: Masks with hang tags
  • Set of Coasters with black and white photography on one side and text on the other
  • Menus: Entrees, Desserts and Cocktails
  • Cards people can take to write down the names and numbers of people they meet. Far left: Back side, middle and right columns are the front using the logo to replace words.
  • All the deliverables
  • Stationary system