The Spoon Volume 3: Spring with Asian Notes

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  • The Spoon Volume 3: Spring with Asian Notes / iPad magazine
    What happens when a graphic designer and a photographer meet! No, it is not a start of a cheesy love story, but rather a food story out of which The Spoon was born. 

    The Spoon is all about food and lifestyle. It is a new quarterly publication dedicated to beautiful images and delicious recipes. In every three month we will guide you through a new season with divine recipes and beautiful photography and share our passion for food with you. 

    The Spoon was designed for slow consumption. Do not rush through the pages, just enjoy it slowly to be able to taste every bits of it like you would taste a good wine or an exquisite meal. If you just run through it you might miss some unforgettable moments.

    Photographer: Veronika Studer
    Icon design: Лукьянов Александр