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Expressive Typography Silk-Screened poster for the short story, The Spiral.
Silk-Screen Poster

The Spiral is a story written by Italo Calvino, first published in his anthology book Cosmicomics in 1965. I have taken the short story and presented it in an expressive typography poster, silk-screen printed in a series of 15.
I undertook the challenge of including the entire 4,950 word text unchanged. 

In order to achieve this I chose a square layout and used the golden ratio to define a series of golden rectangles that divide the space. Within each golden rectangle is a portion of the text, decreasing in size until the finale which reaches 8pt size.

The hand-drawn type screen printed over the body copy includes the title, author, and a quote from the story which I felt expressed it's emotional content. The imperfect quality of the hand-drawn type juxtaposes the rigid and mathematical format of the body copy.