The Special, Last Meals Of Death Row (self-initiated).

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      Conceived, Designed and Art Directed by Matthew Prosser. ©"unicodebr="">
  • This was a self-initiated student project in which I created this book and series of documenting photographs to raise the question, how is American society really served by the death penalty? The book is not an emotionally loaded argument, for or againt, the death penalty but designed the give the viewer space to become the author of thier own thoughts on the matter. Every prisoner waiting to be executed is graned a last meal Ioften referred to as the "Special Meal'). They have $40 to spend on their Special Meal, and all food must be purchased locally. The prisoners choose from past memorise, while others feast on what they crave at the moment. The last meals of the prisoners are a matter of public record and was my inspiration for creating this project and series of documenting photographs that I authored, dressed, Cooked, styled, composited and art-directed. Helen Thompson assisted me with the photography. I designed every photograph to tell a story and shot it in a way juxtapose, with the grim story that is contained within the typography to accompany the photograph.
  • Victor Feguer's last meal.
  • Timothy McVeigh's last meal.
  • Robert Alton Harris's last meal.
  • Angel Nieves Diaz's last meal.
  • Gary Mark Gilmore's last meal.
  • Ricky Ray Rector's last meal. Steak, Fried Chicken, Cherry Kool-Aid and a Pecan Pie which he told the guards he was saving it for later.
  • Karla Faye Tucker's last meal.
  • James Rexford Powell's last meal. One pot of coffee (he said he wanted to stay awake for the whole thing).
  • Stacey Lamont Lawton's last meal.
  • Allen Lee Davis. Last meal.
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