• The Space Program provides a definite strategic business value to New Majestic Hotel through design-led differentiation.
    Opened in 2006, the New Majestic Hotel was arguably Singapore's first design hotel. Since then, the rapid proliferation of design hotels has made its differentiation increasingly difficult. In creating an intersection point where design, intellect and contemporary culture meet, guests to New Majestic Hotel are offered an experience beyond the usual kitsch of Merlion chocolates, Fine-city t-shirts and the thronging crowds of touristic spots. Instead, they get to take a quiet moment to experience Singapore's true contemporary culture right in the lobby of their hotel. The Space Program offers an experience that is locally authentic, one that distinguishes itself from the commonplace.

    Reminiscent of the lives of the early Singapore immigrants, the washboard is a representation of the humility, grit and hard work of the founding fathers of Singapore. Chosen as the primary building material, the use of the domestic washboard pays homage to the history of old Singapore whilst re-expressing its spirit in a contemporary context.