"The Sopranos" Screen-Printed Poster

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  • "The Sopranos" Screen-Printed Poster
    Concept, design & illustration
  • The Bottle Neck Gallery, a contemporary art space in Williamsburg, New York, commissioned me to do a piece for their debut exhibition “More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired by Premium Cable”. The show features work influenced by some of the most iconic HBO, Showtime, and Starz television shows. I was asked to do a piece on “The Sopranos”, which was printed as an 18″x24″ 3 colour screen-print.
  • I began by watching the entire series again as research. I wanted to create something that celebrated the multi-layered and often symbolic storytelling style of the show, with visual clues references particular episodes and overall themes explored throughout the series. The start point visually was the reverse of a one-dollar bill, and the way its symbolism has a sort-of macabre and gothic quality to it. The dollar bill itself can be symbolic in relation to the themes of the show, but I did not want this relationship to be too obvious.
  • Screen printed poster proof
  • The poster was printed by KW Screenprinting in Portland, Oregon USA, and ran as part of the art show in New York for it's duration.
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    This poster is available for purchase here.

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