The Singapore Budget 2011

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    The Singapore Budget 2011 is an in depth look at the Government’s planned revenue and expenditure for the country in the following financial year, which begins on 1st April 2011.This year, the Government looks to strengthen the economy and our society for the future. To do so, they have put together a package for every Singaporean adult, called the Grow & Share Package. This package consists of growth dividends and other benefits which will help citizens offset inflation.

    This project aims to make information easy for citizens to digest. Because the Grow & Share package includes benefits for different classes of citizens, infographics were used to make it easier for citizens to calculate growth dividends and other benefits. An infographics poster was made into a mailer that will be distributed to all citizens.

    The typeface used is MoneyTalks Regular, which is specially designed for use on all Budget collaterals as in incorporates special features of Singapore's dollar coin.
  • Singapore's dollar coin with an octagonal frame
  • MoneyTalks Regular with octagonal frame incorporated
  • Infographics poster
  • Back of poster
  • The back of the poster/mailer was printed like a sheet of uncut paper money, which can then be folded to look like a wad of cash. This wad is then clipped with an aluminium money clip. By making the mailer look like a bunch of banknotes, the receiver is then enticed to open it, and attracts the attention of the user.

    The banknote is specially designed for the Singapore Budget, featuring Singapore's iconic skyline.
  • Banknote design
  • Mailer folded with aluminium moneyclip
  • Guilloche designs
  • Posters were also designed to inform citizens about the Budget and where they can find more information. 2 categories of posters were designed, one targeted at youths aged 21-30 and one targeted at citizens aged 31 and above.
  • Poster design targeted at youths
  • Poster design targeted at youths
  • Poster design targeted at youths
  • Poster design targeted at citizens above 30
  • Poster design targeted at citizens above 30
  • Poster design targeted at citizens above 30
  • The web interface of the Singapore Budget was also redesigned, to add more uniformity to the overall branding of the Budget. The font was used as a display font, to highlight certain quotes from the Budget speech.

    The symbols from the infographics poster which demonstrate the different benefits were also added, together with an in-depth explanation of what it entails.

    The Budget process was also illustrated with symbols, to allow easier understanding of how the Budget is created and finally approved.