The Shepherd's Realm Volume II: Norway
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A photographic journey of the world's most noble creatures.
Gurine of Skulsfjord, Lundehund, 2013
MacKenzie of Tjøme, Rough Coated Collie, 2013
Viki of Skjatvet, Grey Norwegian Elkhound, 2013
The Lundehund of Måstad, 2013
Junior of Kobbepollen, English Setter, 2013
Bella of Kvam, Border Collie, 2013
Dilko of Stokke, Buhund, 2013
Mikkel at Verdens Ende, Rough Coated Collie, 2013
Master of Kågen, English Setter, 2013
Senja of Jonsvatnet, Lundehund, 2013

Junior and Tuisku, English Setters, 2013
Gåte and the Troll Boulders, Lundehund, 2013
Bessi of Flåm, Border Collie, 2013
Trine of Skjervøy, 2013
Caesar of King Harald V of Norway, Taigan, 2013
Zikkzakk of Kågen, English Setter, 2013