• The Seventh Letter Armor

    Designed by TSL artists Young Kay, Eklips, and Kenton Parker, this limited edition collection of handmade sterling silver jewelry is produced in-house and includes a custom belt buckle by Estevan Oriol. Arm yourself with some of LA's finest!

    To view the entire collection visit www.tslarmor.com

  • photo by pusher
  • About The Seventh Letter

    The Seventh Letter (TSL) was founded in 2000 by Casey "Eklips" Zoltan, rumored leader of the infamous and always prolific west coast graffiti crews AWR MSK, and was intended to act as a platform for the crew's artists to showcase their work in the form of apparel, art exhibitions and other special projects.

    Over the last 8 years The Seventh Letter has evolved as an apparel brand as well as an international collective of artists from the Graffiti, Tattoo, Fine Art and Design disciplines. Artists such as Mister Cartoon, Retna, Revok, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Eric Haze, Chaz Bojorquez, George "Ewok" Thompson, Slick, Pusher, Kenton Parker, Michael Delahaut, Jason Kundell, Grime, Reyes, AmandaLynn, Wanto, Sect and many, many more have all contributed to The Seventh Letter movement.

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