The Seven Deadly Sins

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  • Pride, The Seven Deadly Sins
    Second Year
  • Brief
    Pick a sin
    +   Pride                   +   Greed
    +   Envy                   +   Gluttony
    +   Wrath                  +   Lust
    +   Sloth
    Create a typographic representation of the chosen sin. I had one week to complete this project.
    The sin I have chosen is Pride. Like my Greed project, I wanted to do something crafty and get off the computer to find an alternative method for this project. I have cut, scored, folded and used double sided tape to create 56 pyramids.
    Pride stands tall. The points on the tops of the pyramids act like spikes that protect it. Pride is not easily put down or broken. I have arranged the pyramids in a strong and confident typeface. Purple is the colour of pride.