The Sense of Scents

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    This project focused on a topic that I was familiar with and allowed me to develop a unique perspective on it.
    I wanted it to  be insightful relevant, moving and authoritative. The deliverable was a final book that show the creativity and investigation within a strong needed to visual presentation. Pick a topic that I familiar and allow
    me to develop a unique perspective and address the work is insightful, relevant, moving and authoritative. The final book is going to show the creative and investigation with visual presentation. 
    The sense of smell is invisible, but it is potentially more powerful than sight. In this class, I researched about how scent affects our emotions and evokes our memories. I came up with five opportunity gap: keeping slim by aromatherapy, customized scents for boosting sale, rose potted plants, aromatherapy for children and toys with scents that help babies develop their learning ability. The design focuses on soft photo styles with landscapes, flowers and people that help create elegant and emotional impressions.