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Poster visuals for the UK Cinema release of 'The Selfish Giant'.
Below these lines of text are my visuals produced for probably the finest film I've ever had the chance to work on. 'The Selfish Giant' directed by Clio Barnard is a wonderful, honest, no tricks needed, emotional portrayal of two young boy's lives in the north of England. Real, modern britain... shot and explored beautifully.
I have to admit that for me when you're going to a screening as part of your job you can't help but be biased toward the film you're viewing. It's always going to be a good couple of hours. It's a treat and I always feel very priveleged to be in attendence but this was something else altogether.
The two main boy's (actual Bradford schoolboys) relationship is so brilliantly played out that you can't help but be sucked into their world. It was a morning (first thing) screening and really a bit too early to be that emotionally drained but there I was laughing and crying whilst my stomach gurgled (pre-breakfast). This film was everything I had hoped it would be.
Seeing the two boys in interview since has made me love it even more. How they portrayed such a beautiful, deep and troubled on-screen relationship without prior acting work is beyond me but I'm assuming it owes hugely to Clio Barnard.
Well... you can tell I'm not a film reviewer but I felt I needed to say something. If you get the chance... See...
The Selfish Giant.
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