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    I never had so much fun on the job!
  • I was called in as a temp - borrowed from the North Forty News, just as the Rodeo News was getting started. It began as the Rocky Mountain Rodeo News but has expanded into the largest rodeo magazine in the country and is now the slick publication known as The Rodeo News. In the often chaotic atmosphere of a start-up, I did what ever needed to be done at the time, which often included driving all over the region to distribute papers, attending rodeos, even skiing to work one day when everyone was snowed in and I was the only one who could get there. I adored my fireball of a boss, Siri Stevens, whose limitless energy was exactly the ingredient needed to get a business started.
    I reluctantly had to give up The Rodeo News when juggling two jobs proved to be too much but Siri and I remain friends and I am available on-call whenever she needs me now that I can work from home.