The Reflection Of Beauty I

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  • Model : Alizée Poulicek
    Photographer : Philippe Rikir
    Artistic Concept: Avital Assayag
    Master Makeup Artist : Avital Assayag
    Hairstylist : Christian for 43B
    Location : Bed & Breakfast Bio Brussels

    Thanks to Alon Knoll from Take Five Production Company, to Mieke and Nadine Mertens, as well as to Boutique Amandine Brussels and to  Wahiba Mestoui for the Oriental styling

    One Girl, 4 Different Looks in One Day!
    It was exhausting but very enjoyable :-)
    1) A natural but shiny look. I worked a lot on the skin texture mixing "Estee Lauder" Foundation "Futurist" with the "Strobe" cream of "MAC".
    2) The Marilyn Monroe inspired look.
    3) The Oriental Look; having had the opportunity to work with Alizée on several occasions,  I wanted to create something completely different than had been done on her before.
    Creating an oriental makeup  on her slavic beauty while keeping the look sensual and stylish was my goal...
    4) The Cleopatra inspired look.