The Reclamation Posters

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  • The Reclamation Posters

  • Several weeks ago we entered quite an interesting poster contest named "Reclamation". The task was to create a social awareness poster that reflects the theme "Limiting Overconsumption". We developed two concepts, trying to communicate that if you don't use your home appliances reasonably you create an overconsumption of electrical energy and thus contribute to the global warming. The slogan we settled for was "Turn It Off! Don't turn your home appliances into weapons! Use them reasonably!".

    Inspired by some great WWF posters we figured we'd make ours a bit bolder. and show, in a more direct way, what overconsumption of electrical energy can turn you in to. Simply said, a murderer.

    Oh, we also won two of the awards with our posters and one of them got published in one of the biggest magazines in Bulgaria.

    Agency: SonicomIT
    Photographer: Yoan Galabov
    Model 1: Ivo Ionchev
    Model 2: Sabina Koen
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