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Logo, illustration, advertising Client : The Ralston Method Involvement : Concept, design, implementation
The newly opened Urban Ashram was set up by Nikki Ralston, the owner of The Ralston Method as a place to escape from the busyness of daily life. To stretch, breathe and relax in a yoga class, have a massage or pamper with an enriching facial.
Nikki describes herself as a yoga educator - empowering people with tools and awareness that last a lifetime. She wanted her brand to be modern and fresh reflecting health, balance, relaxation and compassion. I designed a logo for TRM and one for Urban Ashram (the studio).
I also created illustrations to depict Nikki’s four main offers : Yoga (Pose), Beauty (Butterfly), Massage (OM symbol) and Knowledge (Acorn). Watercolour was a natural medium to represent the fluidity of these offers. Colours are vibrant and of the four seasons in keeping with nature.
The acorn is central to the TRM logo design and depicts what TRM is about : beginnings, transformation and growth. The approach for both logos is fresh and simple with the ability to work in harmony with the illustrations.