• The Pulse
  •  The Pulse is a brief concept of ecological and efficient transportation system, designed for future megacity. Spanning long distances, it uses an effective and joyful principle of cable gliding. Vehicles don't need their own powerful engines - as they use gravity to gain acceleration - and all the remaining energy is supplied by lifting "knots", crossroads of
    the system's web. Vehicles run in regular centralised waves, that create the pulse.
     Rope uses a biomimetic technology of artificial muscles to support fluent gliding and to
    provide necessary local interventions.
  • This transportation concept serves as a basis for the ongoing designs.

    Design of the vehicles is fully conditional to unique forces and limitations, given by
    the movement of gliding.
    As this project was aimed on experimenting and creating an unconventional design, I left
    the designs in the stage of pure forms, not compromised by technical and safety requirements.

  •  The biggest vehicle, running in The Pulse, can transport hundreds of passengers or tons
    of goods. There is a security vehicle always in front of it.
  •  For those who want to enjoy the ride in privateness, there is this 4-pod luxurious peace, coming on demand.
  • Skyscraper-station, with adaptable platforms and photosynthetic roof.