The Puffball – Fairy Tale Filmstrip

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  • The Puffball – fairy tale filmstrip
    BA graphic design thesis – Other half of my thesis: filmstrip packaging
  • 35mm diapositive filmstrip has big tradition in Hungary. This kind of storytelling is very uniqe, the room must be darkened and the old projector's smell covers the room. My BA thesis beside the packaging contains a filmstrip called The Puffball that I made from my tale. The tale had published under a new name in 2012. – The Squirrel, the Pig, the Bear and the Puffball.  Mr. Puffball is the main character in the story, who is a very rude, old mushroom. Then one day he meets three animals on his glade…
  • A little explanation about the starting. In hungarian folk tales the common starting is the following →
    Egyszer volt, hol nem volt, az óperenciás tengeren is túl, ahol a kurtafarkú malac túr, élt…
    Once upon a time, far-far away over the sea, where the curt tailed pig was digging, lived…
  • The main idea was that I would utilize the continuity of the filmstrip and use the whole strip as one artboard to make the events continous. The dividers between the frames are the thinnest that technology allows. Other technology issue was that color and brightness lose intensity during the projection, so the colors are very vivid and bright. It was important too that the nearly one-tenth on the edges are useless because projector lenses distort it greatly (mainly the old ones) or they are dim or dark.
  • Essay (above, with many pictures) and blog about the work process →
    A mókus, a malac, a medve és a Pöfeteg (original title)was published by Diafilmgyártó Kft. in 2012
    You can buy it from here → Shopline
    Hungarian filmstrips from the past 80 years → Virtual Filmstrip Museum