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    The Pub Hub, brewery, topic studio, Fall 2010
The Pub Hub
AR487 | Apurva Pande | Fall 2010
The project proposal is for a brewery. This program is divided into four buildings and split into three floors. These buildings consist of production, advertisement, sales and research. An interlocking strategy was used to consider public and private access to other existing site conditions. For my slice and dice program operations on the existing building, I decided to explore carbonation and the phases of matter as a generative system for further study, which I then utilized as seating spaces within the plaza, a free flowing circulation and skin system. The design concept based on research and exploration proposes Utah as the public access and the rear entrance as the service access. For the site, I considered the proposed hop yard as a buffer zone between the rail road, LAX and the Pub Hub. The seating spaces and free flowing circulation were also used to tie together the different aspects of the building. The structural concept involves a new structural system to support the bar and the ramps that interconnect between program and the Pub Hub.