The Prisoner (Disch) - Illustrated

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  • The Prisoner - Illustrated
    Thomas M. Disch

  • Cover illustration and 3 internal images for The Prisoner. 
  • Front cover

    Using the marble egg as the main focus, the reflections within it shows both a cage and a key. When the book is folded, turning it reveals there is neither bars nor a key in reality. 
  •  Phone booth

    Here the phone emphasises the importance of numbers, and the Church in the background is hinted at being merely a prop - a fabricated reality - enhancing the questions of reality. 
  • Projector

    This image focuses on the doppleganger discovery, deliberately making the faces of the characters obscured and confusing.
  • Escape

    The identity of the figure is unknown, mirroring the confusion of the identity of Number 2 and the escapee. The empty space is used to emphasise the invisible boundaries of the village prison. Also the subtle visual code hidden within all the illustrations continues.