The Postmortal Poster

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  • Background Information
    This project was assigned to our ARTS 346 class for the incoming class of 2017. Every year, the University assigns a book for the freshman to read over the summer prior to the first day of class. With this tradition comes the design tradition, which called for my classmates and I to design a poster that represented the book.
    Whomever the First Year Reading Experience committee chooses as the winner gets their poster printed all over campus. The new exciting aspect to the project this year was that Penguin Publishing agreed to print the poster on the cover of the books that are sent to every freshman. While I was not chosen, being able to work closely with my class, professor, and the committee was extremely rewarding. The thing that made it even cooler was that the author, Drew Magary himself, emailed the class congratulating us on our hard work.
    Poster Description
    With my poster, I wanted to convey the long-term effects of the cure in a visual manner. The cure was seen as a positive solution, but over time, over population and depleation of resources became issues that led to a never-ending struggle. 
    I illustrated the globe witha syringe jabbed into the top. This symbolizes that while the cure is being injected into society, it is retracting the color and life of the world. This leaves the land desolate and dry; oceans dark and ominous. The gradients of color also show the slow progression that will eventually engulf the entire globe.