The Poster Book

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  • Having carried out my 3 years at Bath Spa I often switched between doing graphic design and animation/interactive design and didn't like being narrowed down to one area and having a title given to what sort of designer I was. I wanted to create a project that questioned the popular misconception that interactive design had to be on a screen. 

    I created an interactive poster, which most people on first hearing the name thought was a screen based project. In fact it started as an A6 sized 'Poster Book' which included a book of 1cm squared stickers in red, green, blue, yellow and black, an example alphabet and an A1 sized grided poster. The idea was that people could stick the squares onto the grid to create pixellated text and images; a sort of instant(ish) and professional poster. 

    In the end, hypocritically, I created the poster book as an interactive flash animation which can be found here:

    For the degree show I covered a wall with the grid and invited people to interact with the poster.