The Pedagogical Impulse Identity, Poster and Website

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    The Pedagogical Impulse
  • The Pedagogical Impulse is an artist residency and research project at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. The project has initiated a number of experimental, critical and collaborative projects in educational sites in Toronto (K-12 classrooms, teacher education programs, graduate programs and community spaces). The par­tic­i­pat­ing artists Sarah Feb­braro, Han­nah Jick­ling, Helen Reed, Hazel Meyer and Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez work with collective, participatory and social meth­ods and address issues of learn­ing, know­ing and relationality in their exist­ing practices. I treated the visual identity as an extension of the project, engaging participating artist Hazel Meyer to collaborate on the artwork.
    A full case study of this project can be found on the Association of Registered Graphic Designers website
  • Artist Hazel Meyer at work on the chalkboard drawing
  • Acme also built a responsive website for the project, a unique hybrid exhibition and research site, with a wealth of documentation and resources for artists, academics and educators.
  • A series of interviews with artists called “The Living Archive” is a key part of the project. These interviews, distributed on the website as PDFs, provided another opportunity to extend the visual identity of the project.
  • For these documents we took a more "magazine-like" approach to the layout than might be typical for an academic paper.
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