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  • We are selling the “old image”. Something to Sell About the old thing, the old view, the old idea, the old habit etc. Now the day, rapid economic development and in Taiwan, the local culture was be forgotten. New products come out one after another. However, the local culture is the most important thing in the country, It was important even if the useless or uglier. So we hope to remind people that taiwan’s local culture is never die!
    一間專門販賣「舊印象」商品的工作室。 舊印象包括:舊的東西、舊的景觀、舊的觀念、舊的習慣等等。隨著台灣經濟發展迅速, 本土的文化漸漸被人所遺忘,一些舊有的東西被推陳出新,然而,世界各地對台灣文化和生活習慣慢慢被重視和產生濃厚的興趣, 故把身邊的元素跟商品所結合,告訴人們生活裡的每一個小角落都充滿無限可能。
    Designer|Ck Chiwai Cheang / Kingsly Zheng
    Year|Jun 16, 2010
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