• The Passenger - for Nokia (Fuel Entertainment)
    Cannes Cyber Lion Finalist - Video Driving

    We get asked to make a lot of driving games (could it be our name?) so when London strategy agency Hyper Happen challenged us on behalf of their client Nokia with a brief to make a driving experience that would redefine the online driving game, we got really excited. NokiajQuery16206707341702915238_1319208192811s multimedia car kit CK-20W is an all-in-one hands-free calling, GPS Navigation Kit, and digital music player thatjQuery16209146513949685866_1319208864173s too cool to pass up if you??re a tech-savvy gadget-phile. We collaborated with Hyper to deliver a rich engaging online experience to demonstrate the benefits of the product.


    To exhibit the car kit??s appeal, we built a photo-realistic driving game with a James Bond meets Italian Job flavour targeted to 25-40 year old men who are into gaming and gadgets. The Passenger is a ground-breaking execution that mixes film and gameplay to let users control the video, virtually putting them in the driver??s seat. Along the way, you must utilize the functions of the car kit to take a mysterious - and impatient - femme fatale to her destination.

    The Passenger uses Flash / video cut scenes to set the viewer in the murky ??film noir?? world of night time Paris. Filmed using a car-mounted camera on location by Karbon Arc, Fuel??s film and post-production brother company, players look through the windshield at actual Parisian back-alleys during gameplay.
    Scroll through the MP3s made in-house by FuelSounds to select the perfect driving track, answer calls to find out your next job, and use the GPS to navigate to your target.

    The Passenger received hundreds of thousands of game plays to date, with over 60% of players coming from the target European audience. This execution has been turning heads in the interactive advertising industry, shortlisted for two Cannes Cyber Lions Awards.